Weekly meal plan #1 (Jan. 16-22)


Planning out what we’re going to eat for dinner the following week is one of my favorite weekend activities. I usually do it Saturday or Sunday morning right before I go to the grocery store. Call me a nerd, but finding new recipes, figuring out what meals fit into my schedule and what I can make with ingredients I already have is fun for me.

Some weeks I cook every day and other weeks we eat lots of leftovers and freezer soups. This week is particularly busy, with a friend’s birthday dinner, a meeting I have to attend where food will be provided and a catered event on the weekend. But in the interest of keeping it real, I decided to share my weekly menu in case anyone is looking for inspiration.

What’s cooking at your house this week?


Dinner out with friends!


Buffalo chicken bacon ranch casserole

Credit: Civilized Caveman Cooking


Leftovers from Tuesday for the hubby. I’ll be attending a volunteer meeting with food.


Skillet creamy lemon rosemary chicken over rice with broccoli

Credit: Two Peas & Their Pod


Chicken tikka masala (Instant Pot) and roasted turmeric cauliflower

Credit: kitchn
Credit: Marshfield Clinic Shine365


Attending a catered event!


Curried beef stew over rice (Instant Pot)

Credit: The Domestic Man

Stay fit,


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