My half-marathon training schedule

I’ve been feeling thick and lazy lately because I spent the two weeks after Christmas eating candy and chicken wings. What better way to get out of a fitness funk than signing up for a race?

My first half-marathon of 2017 is April 15, which means my 12-week training plan starts this coming week.

I like using this weekly pattern guide¬†from Women’s Running because it lets me decide how frequently I’m going to run. My training plan is based on this guide, although I don’t follow it exactly. I’m doing four running days a week. I’ll be lifting three days a week. One day will be a combined running/lifting day, which gives me one rest day every week.

This program includes some speed work, so it’s not a beginner’s program for someone just hoping to complete the half-marathon distance. But if you’ve done a few half-marathons before, are looking to improve your time and want to add strength training to your routine on a more consistent basis, you should give it a try.

I made a PDF to print so I can check off each workout, and so can you!



How do you train for a half-marathon?

Stay fit,


Photo credit: Pexels stock photo


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