She works out and doesn’t wash her hair.

My husband likes to say this to people because I only wash my hair once every five days or so. In his world that’s the same as not bathing for three months. He’ll ask me when I last washed my hair, and if it was more than two days ago, he’ll pretend to gag and run away.

What’s surprising to a lot of people is that I work out and sweat five or six days a week and still manage to go out in public with mostly-acceptable-looking hair. Although my husband is mortified by my hair care routine, most women want to know how they can go longer between washes.

But wait. Why are women so obsessed with not washing their hair?

  • It saves time.
  • Your hair looks shinier and nicer.
  • Less damage from hot water, heat styling and towel rubbing.
  • Unwashed hair holds styles better.
  • Hair color lasts longer.

Now, without further ado, my tips for being a girl who “never washes her hair.”

Train your hair.

You can’t go from being a daily washer to washing once a week. Add a day at a time and only wash your hair when you can’t stand it anymore or it’s too gross to go out in public.

Don’t touch your hair.

Your hair has plenty of its own oil. You don’t need to add more by touching it.

Get a good dry shampoo and use it right.

Dry shampoo gives me at least two extra days between washings. I’m a fan of Batiste, which costs $9 at my drugstore. I like the tropical one because it smells good and my husband will sit next to me even if my hair is “dirty” as long as it smells good. I usually use it on days three and four if I’m wearing my hair down.

Starting with my normal part, I spray my roots. Then I make another part about an inch over and spray again. I repeat that until I’ve made my way to both ears and sprayed my crown. I let the dry shampoo sit and soak up oil for a few minutes. After that, I rub my scalp gently with clean fingertips to work the shampoo in even more. If needed, I blow-dry excess powder out of my hair. Finally, I brush and re-style my hair.

Blow-dry sweaty roots.

Blow-dry sweaty hair after you shower to give your roots some volume. Then dry shampoo and touch up your style. Leaving sweaty hair in a ponytail after you exercise will make it flat and matted to your head. I know from experience.

Try curls.

Curls last me several days in unwashed hair. They start as pretty spirals and transform into loose waves by day three. For me, this is only an option if I don’t plan to exercise for a few days.

Use braids, twists and ponytails to hide the grease.

Styles that don’t make your hair look like a limp noodle make it easier to go longer between washes.

How long do you go between shampoos?

Stay fit,


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