Workout mistakes I make

Everyone makes mistakes. I sure know I make a lot, especially in the gym. No one knows everything when they first start. And sometimes it’s hard to break old habits or do better even when you know what you’re doing wrong. Here are 6 fitness mistakes I have made or still continue to make.

  1. Not having a plan. Or at least not having a very good plan. I always went to the gym knowing what exercises I wanted to do and had notes in my phone for reps and sets, but there was no rhyme or reason to my workouts. If it was leg day I would do a random assortment of exercises, and different ones each time with no consistency. The same with running. My version of training for a race was running “a little bit more” next week. I eventually discovered Jim Wendler and Hal Higdon programming, which helped a lot. A lot. Now my trainer writes my strength workouts for me and I have cobbled together my own running program, so I’m finally done making this mistake!
  2. Not tracking. Sadly, I didn’t start tracking my workouts until the past year. I had a general idea of how much I could lift and I would aim to improve, but I had no idea how long I was sticking with one weight or over what time period I was getting stronger. I now track my workouts in a notebook and looking back at what I lifted in previous weeks really pushes me to get stronger.
  3. Not eating enough carbs. Still a problem for me. I don’t crave or love carby foods so I have to force myself to eat them. I mostly stick with rice and potatoes, but those definitely aren’t my favorite part of the meal and I tend to add them as an afterthought. When I’m tracking macros, I’m short on carbs most days, even when I eat oatmeal in the morning. It usually doesn’t affect me that much, but some days when I have really long or hard workouts, I feel low on energy.
  4. Not getting enough sleep. Really, does anyone get enough sleep these days? Has anyone ever gotten enough sleep?
  5. Not drinking enough water. This is still something I struggle with because I’m so busy throughout the day I forget to drink water, or I forget to keep track of how much I drank and overestimate. I really notice that I haven’t had enough water when my legs feel like lead weights during a run.
  6. Not warming up/stretching well enough. Again this is related to being busy and rushed. I rush to the gym and feel like I don’t have a very limited amount of time to get my workout done and I rush through my warm-up or don’t do it at all. Or I skip stretching. I’ve been noticing lately that my glute activating and strengthening warmups are actually helping my workouts and hip/lower back tightness, so I’m more inclined to do them now.

What workout mistakes do you make? Which have you made in the past and how did you fix them?

Stay fit,


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