My favorite YouTube fitness channels

Confession: One thing I love about working from home is watching YouTube videos in the corner of my extra large computer monitor while doing tasks that don’t require a lot of brain power.

If you subscribe to YouTube channels, you know the excitement I’m talking about when one of your favorite creators puts up a new video. These are those creators for me. If any of ya’ll famous YouTubers happen to see this post, I wanted to let you know I appreciate your content!

1. Lynette Marie Fitness

I started following Lynette on Instagram before she had a YouTube channel and before she even had a career in fitness. In the old days, she worked in real estate and posted her workouts on Instagram. She followed her dreams and became an online trainer, and she now has an awesome YouTube channel to go along with her business. My favorite Lynette videos are her full day of eating and macro tracking advice videos. She shows how you can include “normal” foods that most people love, like cheese, nachos and burgers along with foods people consider “clean,” like chicken and vegetables, into a diet to achieve your goals.

2. Michael Kory

I first discovered Michael a few years ago when a friend bought his cookbook and shared some recipes with me. Since then, I’ve noticed he is a goal chaser when it comes to business. I really respect that. Since that first macro-friendly cookbook, he has opened his own gym and started working on another cookbook. His content is also on point. He posts recipe videos; lifting clips where he critiques his form and talks about what he has learned, accomplished and struggled with; and he recently documented the whole process of opening a gym.

3. Amanda Bucci

Amanda was a more recent discovery in the past few months but I immediately loved her channel. A hybrid bodybuilder and powerlifter? TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS! Although I’m not 23 and don’t plan on participating in a bikini competition or a powerlifting meet… probably ever… I do have powerlifting and physique goals I would like to achieve for my own satisfaction, so I feel like I can relate to Amanda. She gives great tips in both these areas, as well as great advice for staying body positive through it all.

4. Abby Pollock

Abby is another person I started following on Instagram before (I think) she had a YouTube channel. She posts a lot of exercise and how-to fitness videos which are super helpful. Not only does she break down the science and physiology behind her recommendations, she presents it in the most organized manner so you remember the takeaway points after you’re done watching her videos. The Type A science nerd in me loves her for this.

What are your favorite YouTube fitness channels?

Stay fit,


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