Weekly meal plan #9 (Mar. 19-26)


Sorry I skipped a week! I’ll try not to do it again. This past week has been pretty busy. We were traveling a few days, ate at restaurants and foraged for leftovers, so there wasn’t much of a “plan” to post. But I’m back in the cooking game! Here’s what we’re eating all week.


BBQ pulled pork sweet potatoes and kicked up coleslaw. I like to top my BBQ pork with cheddar cheese and pepper rings.


Kale sausage lasagna and broccoli. I’m leaving the mushrooms out of the lasagna because my husband doesn’t like them and making my own Italian sausage with ground venison + pork with spices.

Credit: Today Food Club


Pulled pork and coleslaw tacos (using leftovers from Sunday), steam bag corn


Instant Pot sauerkraut, kielbasa and potatoes. I’ll be taking some of this to my dad since he said the recipe sounded so good.

Credit: PaleoPot


Italian chicken meatball subs with kale Caesar salad.

Credit: Daring Gourmet


Lemon caper fish sandwiches and sweet potato fries. I cook my fish in a pan with butter, lemon juice and capers. I add lettuce, tomato, sliced cheddar and Arizona Heat spicy mustard to my sandwich.


Cheesy salsa verde chicken and rice with salad

Credit: Iowa Girl Eats


Buffalo chicken bacon ranch casserole. This has been in the meal plan before but it’s a big favorite.

Credit: Civilized Caveman

What are you eating this week?

Stay fit,



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