Weekly meal plan #10 (Mar. 27-Apr. 2)

Almost every day I struggle to hit my carb macros. I know. “Rough life, Marisa.” While everyone is struggling to hit their protein macros and trying to avoid cookies, I have a hard time getting enough carbs. I’m not a carb craver. What does that have to do with the meal plan? It means we’re eating a lot of rice because rice is a carb that I actually like. If you like rice as much as I do, this is the meal plan for you.


Leftovers (probably the buffalo chicken casserole)


Sausage and rice casserole 

Credit: The Midnight Baker


Spinach cream cheese stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon, rice and steamed broccoli


Credit: To Simply Inspire



Buffalo ranch chicken tacos with lettuce and blue cheese, steamed corn

Buffalo Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken
Credit: Sweet Little Bluebird


Lemon butter cod, rice and asparagus

Credit: Just a Pinch Recipes


Pesto stuffed pork chops, baked potato and green beans

Credit: All Recipes


Cheesy salsa verde chicken and rice with salad (didn’t end up making this yesterday because we went out to dinner)

Credit: Iowa Girl Eats

What are you eating this week? What do you do if you didn’t get a chance to make a meal you had planned for a previous week?

Stay fit,


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