Shin splints: Training through an injury

It’s probably safe to say that I have shin splints. My legs and calves are really strong, but my half-marathon training this time around included a lot of running on the treadmill because of the weather. I never feel like I hit a natural stride on the treadmill, which I think was part of the cause of my shin pain.

Shin splints mean I shouldn’t run but they don’t mean I shouldn’t train. I can still lift. I¬†would like to run the race I have planned if my shins miraculously decide to heal (I’m not counting on it at all, but I don’t want to be unprepared if I feel good that day.) I have other races coming up and I need to keep up my cardio endurance for those.

So, to the elliptical I go. It’s boring and not very rewarding, but it’s the cardio workout I need.

How do you train through an injury?

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3 thoughts on “Shin splints: Training through an injury

  1. I used to suffer awfully with them. My shoes didn’t help. I transitioned into minimalist running shoes and now I never get shin issue. I think my old shoes made me heel strike, removed all the flexibility and movement in my feet and make me robotic. It was hard to transition but it has been more than worth the time and effort.

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    • Thanks for the tip. I have never tried minimalist shoes but I would be willing to try them out. I supposed if they don’t work for running I could use them for daily wear/walking around.

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      • There are options so you don’t have to go all out minimalist straight away. Which can be tough.
        I reviewed my new Altra Escalante running shoes. They are very cushioning for me but make an excellent introduction to zero drop minamilist type shoes.

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