Weekly meal plan #12 (Apr. 10-15)

I’m trying a few new recipes this week! The Cajun chicken meatballs and chicken tinga tacos are two I’ve never tried before, but I’m sure they’ll be delicious because they come from bloggers I trust.

This week is a short week because I’m not including my Easter menu. I’m hosting Easter for some of my husband’s family this year and we decided to have brunch. I’ll post what we’re having and what I’m cooking later this week. Warning – it’s nothing healthy.


Cajun chicken meatballs over rice, salad

Credit: Little Spice Jar


Gluten-free cheese and spinach ravioli (from the freezer section) with venison Italian sausage and red sauce, broccoli

I use this recipe to make my own Italian sausage.


Out to dinner with my girlfriends! Leftovers or carry-out for my husband.


Chicken tinga tacos, steam bag corn

Credit: PaleOMG


Lemon butter baked fish with roasted red potatoes and salad

I’m using the same recipe as I have for cod the past two weeks, just using whatever kind of fish I have in the freezer (not cod) and adjusting the baking time. Nope, we’re not sick of this yet!

Credit: Just a Pinch


Dinner out, leftovers, or whatever’s in the freezer depending on when my in-laws get into town.

What are you eating this week?

Stay fit,


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