5 things I’m doing to improve my squats

I’ve been squatting for more than three years but that doesn’t mean my squats don’t suck or that I don’t have the glute strength of a newborn horse. During my last strength block, I had some really ugly squats. I’ve been working to improve them during this endurance block. Although I haven’t been squatting very heavy lately, I’ve noticed my form has improved in my lighter, high-rep sets. Here’s what I think has helped.

  1. Glute bridge warmups. A few sets of 20 bodyweight glute bridges gets my glutes firing so I actually use them when I’m squatting.
  2. Hip mobility exercises. I’ve also been doing 90-90 hip mobility exercises during my warmups. It’s been easier for me to squat deeper in a better position (narrower stance where I don’t look like I’m pooping). In the past, it was harder for me to squat to depth in a narrower stance and painful to squat to depth in a wide stance.
  3. Lunges and split squats. These exercises (SO MANY of these exercises) have made my glutes stronger so that I’m able to keep my knees from collapsing when I’m coming out of the hole.
  4. Bodyweight squat holds. The focus of my squat holds has been keeping my knees out, which has also helped me keep my knees from collapsing during weighted squats. Squat holds have also helped with ankle mobility, which makes it easier to squat deeper.
  5. Squat-stance deadlifts. Not quite a sumo deadlift, pulling from squat stance has improved my speed out of the hole when I squat.

Do you have any other tips to help me improve my squats?

Stay fit,


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