New training block/split: Time under tension

I started a new training block on Monday! Patience is not my strongest point, so I was really hoping it would be a strength block with lots of heavy lifting and some PRs. Instead, my programming involves time under tension. I was initially worried when I heard these words because I expected lots of paused reps. There are no paused reps, but every (EVERY!) movement in the program is performed at a tempo. I’ve done a little tempo work before but I wasn’t completely familiar with it. Basically it means the eccentric, or stretching, part of the movement is performed in a slow and controlled manner. My program includes a specific number of seconds it should take to perform each eccentric movement – 3-6 seconds depending on the movement.

The goal is to build a combination of strength and mass.

I also got a new training split that includes more lifting days. My last training block had 4 lifting days and 1 core day. This block has 5 lifting days, and I’m doing my own core exercises of choice on a cardio-only day. Here’s the split:

Monday: Chest/triceps/cardio of choice

Tuesday: Back/shoulders

Wednesday: Cardio of choice/core

Thursday: Legs (quad focused)

Friday: Shoulders/biceps

Saturday: Legs (hamstring focused)

Sunday: Active rest/light cardio

So far I’ve done the first two lifts (and the cardio). I have a circle of pain around my upper body, especially in my lats. But I love it. I didn’t think I would but the slower pace of the movements is soothing somehow.

What does your training look like right now? How do you feel about it?

Stay fit,


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