I’m trying to grow my eyelashes

Remember how I talked about loving yourself but still wanting to improve certain things? That’s how I feel about my short, stubby, uncurled eyelashes.

I considered eyelash extensions, but they’re expensive, require a lot of maintenance and most importantly, they don’t last long if you use oil-based products on your face. Like 95 percent of my skin care routine is oil-based, so extensions were a no go.

After seeing my friends have great results with lash serums, I decided I’m going to give one a try. I chose Babe Lash, which is one of the less expensive serums on the market. I paid about $50 for a 6-month supply, which seems like a great deal to me.

So here I go, growing me some eyelashes.

Here are my before pictures.18486234_10101630712701183_7644877013798957451_n

I should see results in about a month, according to the label, so I’ll update you in June.

Stay beautiful,


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