I’m not ready…

RAGNAR is this weekend. You know that thing where you jump in vans with 11 other people and take turns running until you’ve crossed the finish line about 200 miles later.

I’m not ready. Like not at all.

In April, I dropped out of a half marathon because my shins were bothering me. I assumed it was shin splits. I took six weeks off running, assuming shin splits should sufficiently heal in that time.

With traveling and two straight weeks of rain, six weeks off quickly turned into eight weeks off. I knew I wouldn’t be very well conditioned, but I was sure my legs would feel better by the time I stepped out for a run.

As it turns out, I’m deconditioned AND my shins still hurt like a summabish. Like worse than before. And the pain is localized. Which leads me to believe I might have at least one stress fracture, possibly two.

I did make it through a five-mile run yesterday, just to prove that I could do it. Today my shins feel, well, horrible. So running 15 miles over about 36 hours should be super fun. I know, I probably shouldn’t be running anything if I suspect a stress fracture, but dropping out would screw over my whole team. I just can’t do that.

So Ragnar, here I come in all my huffing, puffing and limping glory.

My first stop after the race is going to be the sports medicine walk-in clinic next to my gym. And definitely no running for a while.

Have you ever competed with an injury?

Stay fit,


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